#OOTD: Clinical

What do you wear to Clinicals?

Proper dress code for DUSON Clinicals, includes…

  • Our nursing school uniform- navy top & bottom- clean + pressed
  • Solid color shoes- black/white, I chose Alegria for the most comfort!
  • Compression socks
  • Our name tag always
  • Hair pulled back, tele-ties
  • Minimal jewelry- 1 ring/hand, no dangling accessories, no perfume
  • No artificial nails or nail polish
  • Covered tattoos
  • Optional accessories I couldn’t imagine life without- Apple watch, Sharpie keychain & flashlight keychain
  • I use the Apple Watch for it’s: timer, stopwatch, Siri, calculator, you name it!
  • Sharpies help so much with labeling items, signing bandages, marking blood loss or pulse locations… you can never have too many!

I remember being a kid and the thought of a school uniform was the worst thing imaginable!
Now I love it! & the more pockets the better 🙂

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