DUSON Recap- 4th Semester

WOW! 4th semester is really here?! It feels like as soon as I got comfortable with full time student life, it’s time to change it up again & switch our focus to clinical schedules, NCLEX preparation, job searches
& future employment opportunities.

No two weeks were ever the same due to the coming & goings of everyone’s clinical schedules,
but each week we for sure all met as a cohort every Thursday for class 8-5.


  • Clinical days- depending on my preceptor’s schedule… we were required to complete 218 hours together,
    lots of time to learn & practice!
  • Simulation Lab days would occasionally be added in
  • Time to study, work on care plans, homework, get together Board of Nursing materials…


  • 8-11:30am: Nursing Care for Patient’s with Complex Health Problems lecture, weekly quiz every class!
  • 12-2:30pm: Professional Nursing- Leadership


  • 9-11:30am: I took the Neuroscience Nursing elective, where we learned ALL things neuro, very helpful & informative especially when you have a professor as passionate as Dr. Reynolds 🙂
  • Potential clinical days or a simulation lab day


  • More potential clinical days…
  • I also took an online Nutrition Management for Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Reduction elective course
^the inaugural Neuro Nursing course!

Fourth Semester Tips

  • I would work to get as many clinical days done as soon as possible! this way you allow for random surprises, sick days or potential preceptor call outs…
  • Make sure you come prepared for every weekly quiz! You may be feeling tired or apethetic but the questions can be tricky, so a good cram sesh the night before is worthwhile
  • Try to get a day & night clinical… All days are easier to work in with school scheduling & all nights can be really difficult to schedule around class…. but try to get at least 1 night before you start your job, you can’t hide from them forever & it’s a worthwhile learning experience
  • Apply to jobs at the beginning of the last semester, the early bird gets the worm!!
  • Complete clinical objectives as you go to save on a paperwork pile up at the end of the semester
  • Really actually do try to start studying for the NCLEX ASAP! I kept putting it off since I was overwhelmed… but more on that later!
  • Utilize your ATI materials!

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