Happy Friday! Volume 6

Krispy Kreme Challenge

A weekend off of work is a treat! I love when I get the chance to meet up with friends & family!! This Saturday- Dillon, Leigh & I took on the Krispy Kreme Challenge in Raleigh, NC! It was a 5 mile race: 2.5mi to the donuts & 2.5mi back! It was so crowded and fun, I have always wanted to run this race, I just never got around to it until this year! We were pleased to make it in less than 1 hour, challenge complete!

Shake Shack

There is a new Shake Shack in Raleigh, NC and I tried it for the first time this week! Dillon became a fan back when he traveled to DC and some of my favorite bloggers post about it a lot, so I was happy to finally try it myself! I agree- it’s definitely worth the hype! 🙂

Louisburg, NC

Traveled to see my cousins new home & to help him move in! So exciting!! They have a lot of fun projects coming up, a real life HGTV experience! It was nice to be outside and offer a hand to help.

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