Happy Friday! Volume 19

3 of my highlights this week include-

-Phone Soap!

Phone Soap is a UV-C Light Phone Sanitizer. Essentially, a mini tanning bed for your phone, etc that uses UV light to clean & sanitize your products. I wear my Apple Watch to work everyday & sometimes I have to use my phone at work too…. After a shift I will wipe everything down with alcohol, but somedays even that doesn’t feel like enough, especially lately with COVID-19. So enters Phone Soap! I drop everything inside the device at the end of the day & 10 minutes later, everything comes out with a nice clean fresh out the box sheen to it. I highly recommend!

-“Secret Notes”

With school being out all of the neighborhood kids are out & about in full force. One night when I came home from work the local girl gang (three 10 yr old girls) saw me & pointed out “look a nurse!” A little while later they ding dong ditched us & sprinted away after they left this note & flower. LOL it was really cute & we watched the whole thing back on our Ring, so it wasn’t exactly too sneaky, but sweet regardless.

-Evenings at Clark Lake

It is so nice to have Clark Lake so close by to us! I absolutely love getting out on the trail as much as possible & the other night I was even able to get out there after work prior to sunset! Glorious!! Fresh air is the best πŸ™‚

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