Happy Friday! Volume 21

Hello there friends! Another week has come & gone… We’re still on COVID-19 time, Dillon is working from home & I am back/forth to the hospital. The “new normal” does not feel “normal” at all, wishing you all health + safety during these challenging times… the top 3 of the week include:

-Shopping & Safety

I snapped this quick pic while we checked out at Target the other evening… now when you are out in public so many things are labeled for 6ft social distancing, max capacity limits have been lowered, masks are required while out in public & there is hand sanitizer everywhere! I have been impressed by our local Target’s infection control measures, I think this is the cleanest the carts have ever been!

-Toilet Paper Delivery!

Never did I ever think I would specialty order toilet paper online or be excited about the delivery! I “primed” this box 3 weeks ago & we were down to the last roll when it arrived?! So we were very happy for it to get here! Toilet paper hasn’t been in stores since March, I didn’t stock up at the beginning of COVID but after realizing how limited supplies are I eagerly placed this bulk order…. hoping it lasts for awhile!

-Rice Krispies!

Sometimes the simple pleasures are all you need… introducing the quickest & easiest dessert of all time! I have looked forward to this snack all week lol the perfect treat during my shows! 🙂 Vanderpump/RHOBH/Total Bellas

Obviously things have been very chill over this way, but no news is good news! Happy at home with my family, but dreaming of when we can make big plans again! 🙂 Have a great week everyone!

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