July Book of the Month- What Would Flo Do?

Title: What Would Flo Do? A real world guide for the new nurse preceptor
Author: Rachel Edmonson, BHA, BSN, RN-BC
Genre: Nursing Reference

Book Jacket Summary:
Congratulations! Not only have you survived your first year in nursing, but you have managed to become a leader in the process. That’s right! Someone has seen your nursing super-hero powers in action, and you have now been invited to become a nurse preceptor for the next generation of nurses at the bedside.Using real-world precepting experience, WWFD aims to help you navigate your transition into your first leadership role at the bedside! From how to safely increase your orientee’s patient assignment to providing difficult feedback, this preceptor survival guide offers practical advice on how to dominate your first nurse precepting gig.Among other things, you will gain helpful insight on how to improve the time management and critical thinking skills of those you precept, how to ‘Mama Bird’ without hovering, and tips for effectively managing the anxious or overly-confident new nurse. Dive into this short and sweet survival guide to learn how to educate, protect, and empower the novice nurse at the bedside.

Why I Chose This Book:
This summer I am taking on my new role as nursing preceptor! Nurse orientation is such an interesting & fascinating process, so of course I’m using my time off to try to study & get ready 😉

My Review:
This book was a quick, easy, relatable read with constructive ideas & good goals for the orientation process. I’m sure I will continue to refer back for fresh ideas. I appreciated the insight and encouragement prior to beginning this new role on my unit 🙂

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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