Happy Friday! Volume 32

1. A Day at Morrow Mountain State Park with Mom!

Morrow Mountain is just around the corner from Badin Lake & I had no idea?! Mom and I took the day to hike and check out the many amazing views! It is totally worth all of the twisty turny roads, I promise! Morrow Mountain is not only so beautiful, but rich in history- it is home to a major archeological dig site where thousands of Native American tools & weapons have been excavated. It has been known as the “Remington Arms Factory of 10,000 B.C.” It is so cool to see the materials used & how talented the craftsmen were!

2. Paddle boarding!

I finally tried out paddle boarding! I fell a lot at first, but after about an hour or so, it was no big deal! Once you learn your board you’re good to go, as long as the water is calm!

3. Natural Craft Photography

Dillon & I are finally making official wedding planning moves! We have booked Ashley with Natural Craft Photography {link here} and are so excited to meet her soon for our engagement pictures! Her work definitely speaks for itself, but I knew we had picked the right one when this super thoughtful package arrived on our doorstep earlier this week! Loving the new ring dish & Boone trinkets, so awesome!!

Stay tuned! I look forward to sharing our engagement photos soon!

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