Happy Friday! Volume 46

1. A Day at the North Carolina Museum of Art

Dillon and I made a day of it at the NC Museum of Art! They have some of the best outdoor hiking trails and we walked over 5 miles! It was such a beautiful day so I was happy we took advantage of a warm November weather 🙂 On the way home we picked up take out from one of our favorite old Raleigh spots- Tenko!

2. Car Maintenance

On the not so glamorous side of things… I had to change the headlights on the VW. But, by doing it myself I saved so much $$ and it really didn’t take too much time. Now that it’s getting dark so early I couldn’t really ignore my missing headlight any longer 😉 I used to hate doing things myself, but now I don’t mind having a few extra tricks up my sleeve. ~thanks, Dad!

3. Family Time

Over the weekend, we made it home for the day to celebrate the November birthdays! It’s always a special day when all of the siblings are in the same spot 🙂

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