My Monthly Recap- June 2021


We are back from our trips, wedding planning is behind us and now we can focus on our new life as a married couple! I’m so excited for this new start and to take on the world together. We’re adjusting to our new home, new routines and getting organized/settled. We ate INSIDE Chickfila for the first time in over a year this month, so that was a win!


Coming back to work after such a long break can be weird, but also like riding a bike, it is nice to be back & get on a normal schedule! I’ve got to pack my lunch this time around, so wish me luck in that department!


Now that we’ve had our taste of fun, it’s hard to let it go! I’m hoping to leave the stress of this previous year behind us and make FUN a priority again. I was happy to have so much to celebrate when we got back too! June Birthdays include: Dillon, Mom & Grandma, we made it to a Durham Bulls game and an afternoon at Drive Shack, plus our friend Wes came for THE BEST VISIT, I got in a day at the pool with Leigh + Tyson, we went to the lake, and celebrated the Selph family’s Gender Reveal!

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