My Monthly Recap- September 2021


Life for me has been a period of adjustment lately… I’m figuring out my new normal & learning to do things independently… Something I’ve wanted to try recently was Float Therapy and I also discovered there was a studio less than a mile from our place! bR3 Studio

Float therapy is super cool! At bR3 there are float suites, including a soundproof tank with 1,000 lbs of Epsom salt, allowing your body to effortlessly float and absorb magnesium to help you relax. There is chromotherapy lighting and Alexa music to totally envelop you as you casually float along.

Floating is supposed to relieve muscle & joint pain, reduce stress & anxiety, improve mental focus, lower BP and improve sleep quality. I thoroughly enjoyed it!! Trying to take advantage of my weekdays to myself & fill the time with fun new experiences, so I was happy to check this off my list! I will definitely go back!


Work is always busy, but going well lately! I’ve had some great patients… check out these celebratory lung transplant cookies we were gifted!! Y’all know I love a custom cookie, aren’t these FABULOUS?! Also I can’t think of a better celebration- New lungs!! I love getting a front row seat to witness miracles, amazing stuff!


We squeezed in 2 more lake weekends this month!! We were lucky enough to snag Labor Day & a warm weekend later in the month! The lake is our happy place and we enjoy getting in some QT with Mom & Dad! I love grilling & putting my s’mores kit to good use, skiing & boat rides… Badin is the BEST!

Our guests brought- Watermelon Feta Salad, my first time trying it, new fave!

September is still summer!!! So we made sure to squeeze every last drop! ๐Ÿ™‚

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