Thanks to Lucy I am guaranteed to laugh, smile & play everyday!! The second you come home it’s all about the fun we can have together & nothing else matters, it is so refreshing!


December – January was a HUGE month for growth for Lucy! She is now a whopping 20 lbs! Legit double the size we brought her home as. She is so long & fuzzy! I can’t believe how much she has grown already! She is so active & busy it was hard to get this picture!


Lucy got her first bath at home this month & she wasn’t the biggest fan of the hair dryer, but we’re working through it. She wants to chew everything in sight and loves to play fetch! She adores all of her awesome Christmas gifts, especially her new App State Bandana, Hol-ee Roller ball & squeaky Teddy! Thanks to Idi now we know all about antlers & bones –SHE LOVES THEM! & she chews for so long! She has met lots of doggies and loves to play! but she doesn’t like big dogs piling up on her, deep barks or off leash dogs sneaking up on her at night.


We have started to use the Kong Wobbler or her Snuffle Mat to feed her breakfast in the mornings, it makes breakfast time a game and usually lasts around 15 minutes! She has discovered peanut butter and Greek yogurt we have been putting them on lick mats to keep her occupied when we leave her etc…


We have kind of backed off on the strict crate training… now we put her crate with the door open in her pen and she does really well! This way we get to skip the part where she fusses & freaks out and she sleeps really well in her pen, no accidents over night! We even added a blanket to her crate! When you see the eyes rolled back in her head that’s when you know she’s OUT!


Lucy has gotten a little more free rein around the house & she will actually go to the door and scratch on it to go outside! Maybe we are lightening up too early (20 weeks) but she is doing really well! I trust her for the most part in our house (as long as we stay on schedule) but it’s different places where things can be tricky… she’s had some accidents while visiting others. Throughout potty training we haven’t really ever utilized puppy pads, of course I bought a whole pack -but it felt confusing to say its okay to pee in the house and not okay too… As you get to know your dog you can customize what works for them!


This was a big month! Not only was she growing like crazy, but she experienced snow for the first time, celebrated her first Christmas, had her 1st official puppy date with Idi, started losing lots of puppy teeth, traveled to Greensboro for an entire weekend, stayed at home alone for 4 hours with no accidents! went shopping in store at Petco & Oliver’s Collar, can go UP & DOWN STAIRS and tried lots of new snacks !

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