My Monthly Recap- January 2022


This year is off to a good start, I’m making time for things I enjoy and trying to implement improved patterns in my day to day life… I just became a member at Neighborhood Barre in Durham and this has been such a great find! Every day I’m off work I make sure to head to a class & it has been so wonderful so far! Every time I leave with a little extra pep in my step, it feels good to challenge your body & be surrounded by such sweet new friends! Thank you to Savannah for opening the doors!


Work has been all about navigating COVID protocols, staffing issues, winter weather planning & of course annual modules… it’s nice to get a refresher but I usually dread having to sit at the computer so long to complete them. However, this year was so much fun with Lucy snuggled up by my side! Oddly enough she was really into the blood product administration video lol -if only we could put her to work!


Dad celebrated his 60TH BIRTHDAY this year! We celebrated all together at home after dinner at Embur it was so delicious & fun to be together for the evening! I LOVE YOU DAD!!

The following weekend we celebrated Devon & Lucas’ engagement at Caffe Luna, it was also delicious and a special day with family & friends!

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