3 months have come & gone so quickly! I think this is my favorite month so far, we are settled into a good routine & it feels so natural to have Lucy with us day in, day out. I’m biased, but I swear she gets cuter & sweeter by the day!


At 24 weeks, Lucy is a whole 23 lbs! Her puppy coat is in full force & I’m obsessed with her fuzzy head and crinkle cut coat! She is so soft & absolutely zero shedding is a major perk! Don’t worry we got her groomed this month too, but I held out as long as we could!


Lucy has found her spot on the couch! She has gotten extra snuggly this month ๐Ÿ™‚ I swore I would never let her get on my Ugg blanket & here she is wrapped up in it! She also has gotten extra obsessed with Bear & remotes…. so she’s gotten her own Squeaky Remote & that has kept her away from ours!

Lucy experienced her first of many real snows this month!! While she was a little petrified at first, it quickly became her new favorite thing!! She doesn’t care for wind or falling snow (can’t blame her) but she is thrilled to run, pounce, slide and roll around in the big fluffy piles! The extra cold weather barely phased her and she wanted to play non stop!

We purchased snow boots, but she barely wore them lol after staggering around in them for a few steps, she quickly figured out how to kick or chew them off! NOT A FAN to say the least!

I really wish they had worked because until further notice, every. time. we. go. outside. it will require at least a 10 minute clean up on the way back in, we got to thaw out her paws with a towel or even a hair dryer, get the ice chunks off, use a comb to clean & prevent mats, brush out the tangles… she doesn’t seem to mind but my vision of us quickly slipping on & off boots was a total fail, haha!


Lucy is up to 3/4 cup each meal now and she loves gobbling it up! I introduced my favorite snack popcorn to her & little did I know I would create a monster!! She is HOOKED! Now I can’t even open the packaging & start the microwave without her whining & licking her lips! Thanks to Devon, I scored this W&P Popcorn Popper bowl at Christmas, so I can make Lucy whole grain, plain popcorn in a jiff. As a major popcorn lover it is hilarious to see Lucy be just as obsessed, she will do anything for it!


Maybe we’ve gotten too easy on her… but, now at night time, we let Lucy sleep on the couch independently all night! A typical nights sleep is 11pm – 8 am & on days that I leave for work at 6, she will pop up say hey & go right back to sleep. She does great! So far so good, no accidents, no chewing on unauthorized items, no tantrums! We have the Furbo on her just to check in, but she sleeps great! I mean come on, is that a SMILE I see! Pup also adores a good pillow & only satin pillow cases for girly!

Lucy is also a professional napper! She will sneak her way up beside you on the couch and before you know it she is spread out all over, eyes rolled back in her head… usually you get kicked a few times. For such a tiny dog she sure makes a splash! Mini size was the way to go! ๐Ÿ™‚


Potty training can sometimes feel never ending, but I would say at this point it is going really well & we have definitely had very few accidents! Hooray!! The hardest part this past month has just been battling the weather, going up & down all the stairs, bundling up in all the winter gear, having to clean or scrub her off on the way back inside… we wouldn’t trade Lucy for anything but getting a puppy in the Spring/Summer vs Winter might not be the worst idea, keep in mind you will be outside every few hours! On a typical day Lucy is going out every 2-3 hours during the day, last outing is around 11/midnight then she is up at ~7-8ish ready to go! We no longer pull her water at night or have to go out as much at the 3-4 am hour, thank goodness!


Lucy got her first official grooming, played in the snow for the first time, mastered snuggling on the couch watching Real Housewives + eating popcorn, and she celebrated her first Valentine’s Day!! {post here} To say we love her so much is an understatement and she has been such a spark of joy during these cold winter months! She is gaining independence in the house, we’ve moved the baby gates around a lot, now the only place she is blocked off from is the kitchen, but otherwise has free reign over the living room… now she can run full speed at the door to great whoever enters, which is the best welcome home!

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