Celebrating five months of fun with our Lucy girl! It feels like she has the energy of a 100 puppies when she gets the zoomies or is greeting a new visitor, but overall she has done super well at home, she’s on a good schedule & we let her move around the apartment as she pleases for the most part… kitchen & bathrooms are still off limits though as she’s always ready to nose dive into a trashcan!


She is getting so so big & her coat grows a mile a minute & after calling every single groomer I could think of we finally got in an appointment this month!! Hallelujah! Nothing like a fresh cut!


My favorite thing is coming home from work & having Lucy greet me first thing! She loves when Dillon & I are both home and she can run between us back and forth! She’s also gotten much more cuddly here lately which is totally fine by me!

The dog park is her favorite place! Her go to place used the be the valley but now she heads straight to the dog park where she gets to run around super fast, smell everything & find the perfect stick to bring home, the bigger the better!

After dinner hangs on the couch ๐Ÿ™‚

We visited family at home, luckily Lucy is a champ in the car & she’s so excited to play and run around my parents house!

Lucy likes everything! The only things she didn’t like were when we put her in that pesky cone after surgery or when we put her up as punishment for biting!


Lately Lucy kind of nibbles her food casually through out the day, but wants nothing more than to eat PEOPLE food, she’s a monster when we sit down to eat and tries to get anything & everything off of your plate! No cup is safe, she will jump up & sprint away with whatever she can get- chicken nugget, paper towel, sauce packets…. you name it she wants it! we’re working on this one….


Lucy is a napping queen! I love when she snuggles me while I’m watching my shows or working on HW


Our most exciting accomplishment this month has definitely been PUPPY CLASS GRADUATION!!! I really enjoyed our family Saturday mornings & it was a blast to see Lucy make new friends & learn new tricks, I can’t wait for the next class we do together!

Poor girly also got spay this month… I have never seen her so sleepy while she has been in recovery! I’ll be sure to update you all with a Post Op Recap, but so far so good with healing!

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