As we mourn the loss of my Grandmother I am that much more thankful for Lucy. She is truly the sunshine of our lives and brings so much love, comfort & positivity to the every day hum and drum. It’s insane how puppy snuggles can completely turn your day around and she is so very sweet to me during this complicated and challenging time. Grief is hard!


Lucy gets bigger, stronger & faster every day! One of our favorite walking trails is Clark Lake in Chapel Hill, NC. The loop is 1/2 mile and the first time we took Lucy out there she was wiped after half of a lap! We were giving her tons of water & Dillon carried her the rest of our walk, our neighbors giggled as he carried her on our stroll =) But on this trip, her endurance was much better, she crushed the trail and enjoyed a well over 1 mile walk!


Our awesome lake friends kept Lucy while we were at a family event. When she was over at their house she discovered ANTLERS!!! and it is safe to say she is now COMPLETELY OBSESSED!!!! They even let her keep one as a souvenir and it is her latest most prized possession.

I think it’s safe to say the only thing Lucy doesn’t like is being alone! She is a people puppy and is so sad when we’re not all playing together in the same spot! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Lucky for her Dillon works from home, so she is not alone very much.


You have to keep an eye on this girl… she wants to eat EVERYTHING! If I drop something, she’s running off with it no matter what it is?! I am happy to report she has survived gobbling up an entire Chickfila sauce packet, a few french fries and plastic straws?! Ahhh!! So nerve wracking?! Luckily she still does very well with her dog food & she is beyond interested in whatever we are having! This pup will do just about anything for some CHICKEN!! she loves it!!!


Professional snuggler all day, every day! Complete napping queen.


Lucy is always ready to play, run around full speed and make a splash! Mud puddles, water, snuggles, and all the snacks stand no chance!! We have enjoyed SO MUCH lake time & this has been very precious time for us as a family. We have had a ton of outdoor time this summer and it has been much needed & appreciated!

^Lucy attended her 1st drive in movie at the Badin Road Drive-In, I was AMAZED she quietly sat in my lap for the entire movie!!

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