Mommy to-be Registry: 3rd Trimester

Third trimester spanned from December to March. For me personally, after I hit 32 weeks I was OVER IT!! The pain & discomfort of carrying around an extra 30+ lbs with your hormones raging on is the wildest experience- so UNCOMFORTABLE no matter what you do & everything was so IRRITATING. I was fortunate to have a really positive, healthy pregnancy, my biggest complication being- SCIATICA, which was a total bear. Not being able to walk is the most painful, saddest thing, and I now have so much more compassion for those with chronic pain, mobility issues & long term illness, knowing there was a deadline to pregnancy, a way out from this discomfort gave me the hope to carry on! & Luckily the following products worked together to get me to the finish line!

any items marked with an are products I realized existed later on, but I would definitely use them if I were to get pregnant again & I don’t want to forget about them!

* APPLE GIFTCARD | There are so many ways to use your cell phone as a new mom! So many apps, services, music or audiobooks to buy… I also upgraded my storage space so I could have more room for all of the photographs!

PREGNACY SUPPORT BELT | By 3rd trimester my stomach was huge and my back was in the worst pain!! Especially at work, I would suit up each morning with the pregnancy belt and the extra support worked wonders throughout the day! To think you are expected to carry such a big belly by yourself is crazy!

*MEAL PREP CONTAINERS | This is a good time to prepare some foods ahead of time, quality containers help keep things organized and without freezer burn

MANI/PEDI | Pre delivery manicures and/or pedicures are such a treat!! I got a pedicure with my fellow expectant Mama friend Rebecca as a fun last hangout & I managed to get a manicure on my due date while waiting for baby girl!

MINDFUL BIRTHING BOOK | I enjoy reading in depth about whatever I currently working on… so the mindful birth was a great red to prepare for calm and controlled labor.

MOMS ON CALL BOOK | Got the Moms on Call book as a gift, and I was determined to read it before baby arrived.. haven’t gotten to it yet, but it has a lot of great registry advice, etc. So I think the earlier you read it the better!

BATH BOMBS | I am usually not a bath person, shower all the way! But— 3rd trimester Blair IS a BATH PERSON. Especially after work my body is so sore & a soak in the tub makes such a difference!

EYE MASK | The eye masks make me feel refreshed and human again after my sketchy nights of sleep, I haven’t felt well rested in a while unfortunately, I stay up so late nowadays

QALO RINGS | My wedding rings no longer fit, so the stretchy bands will have to do! Most nurses wear these year-round, so I had some already & they’re fun to mix & match!

BATH ROBE | For the many necessary cozy nights in, after the bath & lounging at home. Plus, you don’t have to stress as much over the sizing! ~could potentially wear an old one or have a new one to continue to wear after delivery!

SKYLIGHT DIGITAL FRAME | This has been one of my best purchases yet!! For the great-grandparents we gifted them the Skylight frames, a digital frame we can send pictures & video to at any minute, straight from our phone! The frame is very user friendly & is a quick set up with wifi! I love that they are getting to share our family life day to day without having to rely solely on social media

PREGNANCY PILLOW | Never thought I would be a “pregnancy pillow person” but never thought I would barely be able to sleep, breathe or move easily to get in/out of bed either… this massive crazy pillow is a game changer!!! I finally have back support, stomach support, & pillows in between my legs without having to position multiple pillows… Lucy is adjusting to how to snuggle me with this huge pillow in the way, but we’re making it work

AIR TAG | I have been losing my mind & my keys/wallet/phone -AAHHHH!!! There is no time to waste on searching either, so I’ve added air tags to everything & am loving life again! Anything for less stress 😉

EPSOM SALT | A great addition to the bath or foot soak, helps with swelling & relaxation

PUZZLE | The last week of my pregnancy, everything was done & prepared, I was huge & exhausted, all we had to do was wait & I was 100% caught up on my shows- puzzle time it was!! Worked feverishly on a 1000 piece puzzle up until delivery, it was so fun & I was obsessed!! It was the perfect thing to obsess over while waiting on baby

SHOE HORN | I never thought putting on shoes would be a challenge!! Nothing made me more ill & irritated then stomping shoes on leaning against the way in the wee hours of the morning before work trying not to lose my balance with my displaced hips

AQUAFOR LOTION | The dry skin is out of control! Not sure if its pregnancy or weather related, I’m sure both… I had my dr draw labs to rule out liver issues my skin was so itchy?! Luckily just more lotion was the answer

MASSAGE ROLLER BALL | Third trimester has brought SCIATICA into my life & OMG! This is truly the worst pain I have ever experienced, my mobility is extremely limited & the pain can bring me to tears while just trying to walk. This began in February & I am told will resolve once the baby is delivered, I sure hope so!! In the mean time this roller ball has brought great relief, I have Dillon apply as much pressure as possible my right hip & for a moment I can breathe again!

TYLENOL | Had to break down & take some Tylenol to try to ease the pain… pregnancy safe! But I tried to hold out as long as I could… didn’t help at all with the sciatica but the overall aches & pains were relieved a bit

YOGA BALL | Ordered as an attempt to ease sciatica pain & induce labor… didn’t use it a ton, the sciatica raged until the end, but it was a comfier seating option.. I was desperate to try anything!!

*DATES | These are to soften and ripen the cervix to help induce labor, as much as I wanted to like them, I hated them so much!! My friends recommended different recipes and eating them with M&Ms

MEMORY STICK | The last thing a new mom wants is for her camera to have a clogged memory stick & prevent her from taking the perfect baby pictures!! I got a brand new extra large memory stick so I can take as many baby pictures as possible once she gets here!

CRIBSHEET BOOK | Another book to read about child rearing… I’m interested in all of it from every angle! Hoping to get to this one soon!

*UNISOM | The sleep deprivation & horrible schedule is real & baby hasn’t even arrived yet. I wander the house until 4 am most nights, pregnancy insomnia is another special form of torture!

HEAT WRAPS | I strap one to my sciatic side every day! This particular heat wrap has amazed me because it is sleek under clothes & the warmth legit lasts 12 hrs!!! I couldn’t believe it & have been very appreciative! I had my doubts at first, but now I won’t leave home without wearing one! The heat helps distract from some of the sciatica pain

*RASPBERRY LEAF TEA | This is supposed to the third trimester full term drink of choice, leading to an easier labor- faster & with less complications, improving contraction effectiveness, improve amniotic sac strength, balance pp hormones & improve breast milk mineral count

KINESIO PREGNANCY TAPE | When the pregnancy belt got too hot & cumbersome, in came the kinesiology tape! Best tool!! It worked so well in helping me to hold this belly up, helped relieve back pain & was smooth under clothing! I was amazed how well it worked, I will start with this tape from here on out! It is very sticky & is painful to remove, so I recommend waiting to peel until you’re in the shower

Don’t ever hesitate to try to find what works for you! Especially during pregnancy! Any possible gadget I could find to alleviate pain safely & improve the experience was just 1 Amazon order away & completely worth it. Moms deserve anything & everything to make to make their lives easier.

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