Mommy Registry: 4th Trimester

The 4th trimester is a complete blur, it is such an exciting, whirlwind experience… a new life is in your home! your very own child!! You have lots of excited visitors, you are learning all about your new role as a parent, learning your child’s needs, making sure you have everything you need to take care of them, trying to get sleep at the most random points in the day, healing as a Mom yourself, attempting to remember all the details for your pediatrician appointments, learning how to pack a diaper bag, building new routines & skillsets. Hoping you got enough pictures or videos, navigating fluctuating hormones, updating your loved ones and taking in the amazement that is your baby! No matter how prepared I tried to be there was a flurry of random Amazon orders & Target runs after delivery! I am so thankful for all of the love & support we received from our family and friends during this wild time & I am beyond thankful that Dillon took paternity leave to be by my side day & night during the madness.

Here is a collection of random products that were extremely helpful to baby, Mom & Dad during these first few weeks & beyond, the real MVP products we were all so happy to have nearby!

SITZ BATH | essentially a mini jacuzzi for your healing perineal area, this one is battery operated, skip the hand pump! Fill with warm water and sitz bath salts for a therapeutic dip 😊

EARTH MAMA NIPPLE BUTTER | I had no idea how intense breastfeeding was! WOW! The first week was intensely painful, the nipple butter was so helpful as I adjusted to my new normal and this is safe for baby to come into contact with

SWADDLE ME WRAPS | swaddles that have Velcro tabs to make wrapping & snuggling baby that much easier and faster. Sleepy parents can’t remember the exact perfect swaddle folds, Velcro tabs please!

PORTABLE AIR HUMIDIFIER | babies are used to being in this perfect, wet, warm womb… then they’re cast out into the world with harsh lighting and dry air… Elyse’s skin went through a few rounds of acne issues & her sinuses took a while to adjust to the new environment. The humidifier did WONDERS for her sinuses & skin! Shouldn’t we all be using a humidifier anyways?! This one was compact, portable with a rechargeable battery, long lasting steam, no cords! Win, win!

DOOR DASH GIFT CARD | I have never been a big food delivery girl until this baby got here. The thought of loading everyone up in the car for a “quick” trip is so daunting especially in those first few weeks  

HALO BASSINEST | Elyse’ first few sleeps were high quality in this bassinet, love this design, it is so sturdy & versatile. It was so convenient to have her at bedside & we also used the bassinet as her sleep spot down stairs!

FRIDA DISPOSABLE BRIEFS | basically, take the hospital underwear they give you and multiply by 10! So thick, stretchy, quality… you almost feel bad throwing them away! I like the high waisted band and the smoothness underneath clothes

AMAZON GIFT CARD | Amazon monopoly money! Need I say more??! Having everything at your fingertips and only a delivery a way is a game changer!

SITZ BATH SALTS | the soothing bath salts, perfect for the sitz bath or a warm bath soak for comfort

NURSING SPORTS BRAS | slide on/off nursing bras, comfortable and perfect for around the house. Fun Fact- locally the only place I could find a wide variety of nursing bras was Walmart! Otherwise it was online shopping only… I was thankful Walmart actually stocked them so we could quickly pick them up last minute when my milk came in

FRIDA ICE PACKS | these ice packs are so clutch! The best COLD relief & very long lasting, my best friend the first couple of weeks out

BABY BRIEFCASE ORGANIZER | coming home from the hospital there are so many papers to keep up with?! Then the influx of doctors’ notes, social security cards, birth certificates, health insurance info, it is a lot to remember. Having an obnoxious, obtuse baby binder is the perfect unique thing to know you put what where. It has great dividers, labels and has been my go to organizer for all of the notes these past few weeks

FRIDA BABY NOSE FRIDA | never thought I would use one of these, always thought they were so gross! Lol but I can confirm there is no way you could inhale a booger yourself & it is the best device to clear your baby’s nose / airway!! I had no idea how tricky their sinuses are the first weeks earthside- they need to have their nose cleared regularly, they need humidity, clean nostrils. & the nose Frida + mist spray is the winning combination!

BABY SCALE | those first days, weeks, months it is all about weight gain! Is the baby eating enough, weighing enough, growing enough, what %, how much dirty/wet diapers per day, how much spit up? I am not one to wait for information at the next appointment, so I made sure we had an official baby scale to measure at home 😉 It’s very informative and helpful to have. I personally like to know her stats going into her appointments, it is so exciting to see her #s steady increase! We are so thankful!

PACIFIER HOLDER | searching for a pacifier, while the baby is screaming makes 10 seconds feel like 10 minutes… having the pacifier holder in a quick easy to reach spot (not the complete bottom of the bag) is a game changer and super helpful in the car etc

DERMOPLAST | ice packs layered with Tucks pads sprayed with Dermoplast is everything! Make sure to have your pad supplies set up in every bathroom at home!

HAAKAA | I had no idea what a Haakaa even was?! The device uses suction to collect milk down on the opposing side your child is feeding on. It works surprisingly very well, I was amazed how much I could collect versus mopping up leaking milk with a towel, every little bit counts!

BEACH TOWEL | regardless of what you do I have learned to accept that having a baby means you can expect to be WET- breast milk, spit up, drool, sweat, any other bodily fluid just get ready… so the first few weeks together learning to BF I just sat topless with a beach towel over me to catch all the liquids & snuggle or clean baby with. Super helpful! Sometimes there’s just not a big enough burp cloth for everyone!

ADVIL | Advil always helps me so much! It was hard to be so sore during pregnancy and not be able to take it…. Postpartum life I was all about the Advil! My body was sore all over as I adjusted to the new norms & responsibilities of early motherhood

FRIDA PERI BOTTLE | the standard peri bottle is a spilling disaster, water goes everywhere but where you want it and you waste a lot of time cleaning up a mess, bring the Frida peri bottle to the hospital & start using it right away! Don’t waste time with other models…

CHILD CPR MAGNET | channeling my inner first responder… child CPR and choking relief instructions are posted directly on the fridge, no one can get water in our house without a quick refresher on the topics! I also purchased an infant sized CPR mask for upstairs, downstairs & diaper bag… you can never be too prepared!

LANSINOH THERAPEARL PACKS | my milk supply came in full force, to help with engorgement and the pain associated with over supply, I couldn’t have made it without these therapearl packs! I love that they can be hot or cold so you don’t have to buy multiple different kinds… I bought 2 packs so I could switch them out & not lose the cold feeling! I didn’t even wear the covers on them, but the washable covers are a nice option too!

DIAPER BAG DIVIDERS | after getting lost in our diaper bag one to many times, we sought out more organization tools and found these bags! The color coding for quick grab & go makes things much easier!

STANLEY CUP | I held off on a Stanley cup for a longggggg time… but after delivering a baby I figured it was a great time to treat myself! One late night BF session my favorite color came back in stock & it was game over! You’ve got to stay hydrated! & this cup keeps your ice perfect all day!

TUCKS PADS | layer two of the perfect post-partum panties!

ABDOMINAL BINDER | I wore an abdominal binder for the first few months after delivery, I was amazed by how much it relieved my back pain!

FLANGE NIPPLE RULERS | BF is quite the adventure! Add this product to the list of things I never knew existed! Flange sizing is crucial to pumping success and your size can change throughout… so add ruler to cart!

NURSING BRAS | I like these nursing bras to wear under “real clothes” or when I get dressed to actually go out in an outfit other than leggings and a t-shirt

MOBILE DIAPER CHANGE TABLE | our #1 favorite baby gear!!! Our changing table station for downstairs! If I had to run up to the nursery for each change or lean over on the kitchen table, it would not work… a secondary station was necessary for us & this one is the perfect height, so spacious has great dog friendly storage & a place to hang our fresh outfits

DAPPLE BABY BOTTLE WASH | the best bottle wash! Removes breast milk scum easily and there are no harsh chemical ingredients to harm baby, I’ve added dapple baby wipes to the mix as well!

PILL ORGANIZER | Mom’s need help remembering everything going on too! I packed a pill organizer for a multivitamin, stool softener & Advil, all completely necessary after labor

BABY BUM CREAM SPATULA | this is super helpful with the Desitin cream!

PUPPY PADS | not your typical “baby product” but I wouldn’t want to go a day without them! Essentially the chux pads at the hospital… these super absorbent and disposable pads go with us everywhere for diaper change success! We line the changing tables and pack them in the diaper bag… allows for easy cleanup and makes the diaper change process that much easier!

COLACE | TAKE YOUR STOOL SOFTENER!!!! If I could go back, I would most likely begin taking this at 37 weeks – until… don’t forget to take care of mom during this crazy time!

HOKA RUNNING SHOES | my 1st postpartum gift to myself, solid walking shoes to get moving! These are my first pair of Hokas and I am definitely on board! They are so comfortable & are extra encouraging to get out there! Very cushiony!

SHOUT SPRAY | everyday there is a new stain on anything and everything… I load up all of the garments with Shout and we’ve been able to save most of everything so far!

BABY BREZZA STERILIZER & DRYER | love this device! There is no doubt that products are getting extremely clean & dry! I only wish it was bigger because my bottle & pump loads are so big! Easy to use and high quality results!

CUTE CASTLE MUSLIN BURP CLOTHS | I ordered & reordered these muslin cloths!! They are our FAVORITE! So absorbent, soft, dry quickly… perfect for BF, spills, spit up, baby biting, shoulder protection… so versatile and always what you need! I have 50 and I wish I had more! At the end of the day I launder the cloths & restock all throughout the house, we have a cloth bin in the living room, play room, nursery, bedrooms… they must always be in reach!

HANES 3XL TEES | Around the house I just want to wear a giant, loose, comfy shirt that I can easily rip off or fit her underneath to easily feed her… the white doesn’t show spit up either! 😉

Anything to make life easier is at the top of my list! If there is a new mom in your life, I highly recommend checking in with them & seeing what random products they may need or see if there is something you can pick up or drop off for them! A little help goes a long way, especially during this wild time!

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