Packing for: Honduras Mission Trip

Packing for Honduras, was quite the task! I was allowed one carry on bag and one checked bag, the carry on bag was for my own personal items and the checked bag was for my toy donations for the kids. After selecting the clothing I wanted to wear during the week, I had to lay out all of my items to soak in Permethrin, this is a soak in mosquito repellant for my clothes to help deter all of the bugs and avoid Zika!

I purchased one large bottle from REI {available here} and it was plenty for a weeks worth of clothing, I spritzed each item 3 or 4 times, let dry in the sun, washed afterwards and then they were ready to pack! The toy donations were the most fun to buy, I tried to buy lots of gender neutral items, but the biggest hits were the paddle ball sets, sand toys, frisbees, recorders, jump ropes and tea sets.

After the entire trip was said and done I was so happy to have brought with me: Hunter Rainboots, Chaco sandals, an inflatable pillow (saved so much space), my new Canon point and shoot with wifi capabilities (didn’t want to keep up with the DSLR), Patagonia Baggies, mosquito repellant bracelets, a fold up reusable plastic plate, a Swell bottle to keep water cold all day! and EAR PLUGS! ~Sleeping in a community room, I would’ve never gone to sleep without them! A mosquito net, baby wipes, bug spray and jogger pants were also a must!

{My Home Away from Home, Honduras Style}

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