MiSSiON TRiP: Tegucigalpa, Honduras

For my first international trip I ventured to Tegucigalpa, Honduras with my Aunt Kelli and her company Surgical Care Affiliates! SCA has begun an orthopedic surgical brigade that travels to Honduras multiple times a year to perform as many orthopedic surgeries as possible for the local population in need of care.

After a long day of travel through all the busy streets of Tegucigalpa, we arrived at the peaceful Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (Our Little Brothers & Sisters) Ranch our headquarters for the week and settled in….

NPH is safe place for vulnerable children all over Central and South America. They welcomed us with open arms and it was such a fun place to crash, the kids were so fun to interact with all week and the Ranch was a convenient 1 mile walk to the surgical facility.

The children at NPH all got along so well! Everything ran so smoothly and their laughter & joy was constant, it was really fun to distribute our toy donations to everyone, we had the best play dates throughout the week! Attending church together was also a blast, such great weather & music!

Our walk to the Surgical Center…

First Stop for patients, Pre Op Admissions holding area

Inside the Orthopedics OR… I got to work directly with many different procedures… sadly a lot of patients had previous breaks that could not be repaired in a timely manner and had grown back together but in a painful deformed manner, we were able to reset with plates & screws to have their extremities realigned and restored to normal functioning, ta-da!

The Holy Family Surgical Center is 100% run by donations & volunteers, it is an amazing facility!

Our PACU… I met so many amazing people here! It was fun to celebrate successful surgeries together & hear about how these operations will have such a positive impact on their lives!

It was such an amazing opportunity to work the Orthopedic Surgery circuit in all stages- before, during & after… while meeting awesome professionals & patients! We worked hard together for a solid week, so many surgeries performed & lives changed! Thank you for taking me on this trip Kelli!

I left Honduras feeling so refreshed, appreciate, inspired, encouraged & uplifted! Medical Mission trips are the best! I love having a set of skills that can directly benefit others & I can’t wait to build more!

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