Commitment to Excellence Ceremony

Today was the Commitment to Excellence Ceremony!
This ceremony is a way to officially welcome the nursing students to the profession after conquering the first 6 weeks of school and send us off to clinical! Clinicals will begin next week! Together my class took the pledge to deliver high quality care and uphold the values of nursing throughout our career. We received our pins & jackets, so we are now official! Our class is ~68 people and it was so fun to see everyone all together in uniform for the first time, so happy to be a part of this cohort! Everyone is so motivating, encouraging and kind, we are in this together! Before we all scattered our separate ways for the weekend, a few of us made sure to snap some pics, it’s so fun to celebrate with these new friends πŸ™‚ One step closer!

I’m looking forward to getting out there & seeing what the hospitals have to offer! Praying for myself, my classmates & future patients…. anything is possible in the clinical setting.

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