Quick & Easy Weeknight Meal

So far Dillon and I eat dinner together every night, alternating who cooks depending on our schedules and we “meal prep” & grocery shop usually at some point during the weekend so we are ready to go during the week! Weeknights seem to go by so quickly & weeknight dinners are all about survival! I come home just in time to eat a quick meal and get back to studying and homework before a shower and an attempt at any early bed time… So when I find a yummy recipe that takes less than 30 minutes to create, I am very happy!

Introducing… {Sweet & Sour Chicken with Rice}
Campbell’s Skillet Sauces are my new favorite recipe hack! 

10 mins- cook diced chicken on the stove top
5 mins- dice pepper, add cashews –I’ll even add onion next time!
10 mins- add sauce to pan, bring to boil & let simmer
90 secs- heat rice in microwave

~Enjoy! This recipe mimics one of my favorite dishes at P.F. Chang’s
I swear it literally tastes the exact same!

 The Skillet Sauce adds such a great flavor, you would think the chicken had been marinating all day long! Delish! There are also many different flavors… I haven’t tried them all quite yet, but I’m sure they’re great! This recipe is affordable (<$10.00) and makes plenty for dinner & lunch leftovers the next day! -Success!

If you have any quick+easy dinner recipes, please send them my way, we are always looking for new ideas! 🙂

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