CANADA: Sunset Kayaking

Sunset Kayaking off the coast of Granville Island… WHAT A TREAT! In the evening we met up with our guides + group at the local board shop, paired off into the double kayaks and headed for the False Creek to embark on our 2.5 hour Vancouver water tour. Vancouver is amazing because there is so much beautiful natural wild life midst a bustling metropolis, but it is designed in such a way that you can easily enjoy both simultaneously! The sound of the water rippling paired with downtown outdoor concert music and the stories from our guide were so relaxing and serene.

I was a little nervous to take my phone out on the water, but I’m so glad I did! just to snap a few shots… didn’t catch a seal though, they were so cute bobbing in & out of the water trying to catch the kayaks!

Dillon rode with the lady who didn’t paddle the whole tour, Mom & Devon managed to not flip their kayak & Dad + I cruised on together…

Even though we can kayak at home, it’s not the same! With this tour we got to enjoy False Creek, check out some the multimillion dollar water front homes + floating homes, navigate the marina, enjoy the Canadian wildlife, and learn more about Vancouver’s history. Literally such a cool place, the perfect balance of nature and city life.

As the tour came to a close we found the perfect cove to watch the sunset, then paddled back. It was a long day of adventure and it’s safe to say we all slept very well! I have a few videos of our cruise I can play back to listen to the water, so refreshing and fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

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