CANADA: Sea to Sky Gondola

Welcome to Squamish B.C. home of the “Sea to Sky Gondola Tours” the adventure begins at base camp, where we all piled into the tiny gondola to begin our ascent… I have never been on anything SO STEEP, when you thought you were at the top, there was another bend waiting! The 10 minute ride was very scenic taking us 885 meters above sea level!

It was a little nerve wracking on our ride to the top with floor to ceiling windows, but I loved taking in the coastal rainforest & mountain highs! It was a very smooth ride, except for the minor bumps when changing posts…
I could feel my heart beating, for sure!

Once we made it to the top, the real adventure began! We had lunch at Summit Lodge and explored great hiking trails, the viewing deck and Sky Pilot Swinging Bridge. The weather was so great- very sunny with crisp, cool mountain air!

All of the views were so breathtaking!
It was so fun to explore our beautiful surroundings!!

This entire day was a privilege!
I was already planning my return trip before we left!

After all of our exploring, we still had the ride down to go!
I think Devon was a little more relieved on the way back down -phew!

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