#OOTD: New Grad Nursing

My every day uniform that helps me handle a shift!

Scrubs- currently my favorite brands for function & comfort include: Figs, Medelita, Vera Bradley & Cherokee.

Vest- I am team vest all day/every day! The more pockets the better! + I can always use a little extra warmth, but can’t be bogged down with sleeves & a jacket. Our unit took up a group order for embroidered goodies, now we are extra official!

Nursing Shoes- most recently, I am obsessed with Alegria for comfort & function, this is now my 2nd pair & I am even more pleased with my purchase! These shoes earn their keep for sure.

COMPRESSION SOCKS If you don’t break a sweat putting on your socks, they’re not good enough… I cannot stress the value of compression socks enough! My legs would have fallen off months ago without them.

Apple Watch- during a shift I am never on my phone, but if there was an emergency I would be aware since the alert would come to my watch, so less to worry about is a perk, plus the use of Siri for automatic timers, alerts, an on demand flash light, calculator… You name it, the watch can do it! I need all the extra help I can get so I am thankful.

Fun Badge Reels- One of the few parts of your uniform that you get to customize and choose, I was gifted this cutesy heart clip when I accepted my new Cardiac nursing position & I love it!

I always lay out my clean uniform the night before, beside my back pack, lunch box, car keys & water bottle. The less I have to think about & search for early in the mornings the better! Zzz

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