2019- A Year in Review

2019- has been a year of transformation! I could have never envisioned how this year has gone, and I would’ve never expected how much I have grown as nurse or how tired I would be! I am so thankful that all of the fun & celebration of 2019 has outweighed the lows… plus, I look forward to see what our next “new normal” will be in 2020.

JANUARY: Began the last semester of nursing school & my preceptorship
FEBRUARY: Accepted my 1st job offer!
MARCH: Closed out my preceptorship & turned my focus to the NCLEX

APRIL: wrapped up 4th semester at Duke & my best friend since childhood- Brooke got married!

MAY: Graduation & JUNE: passed the NCLEX!!!

JULY: traveled to Canada with my family, our first trip together outside of the US!

It was the trip of a lifetime, filled with so many AMAZING views & adventure!!

AUGUST: Full time employment officially took over! Nurse Orientation was in full force
& I began learning the many new skills of my new profession.
SEPTEMBER: Nurse Residency courses progressed…
OCTOBER: I became VAD trained & continued to see patients totally on my own!

NOVEMBER: Happy 11th anniversary to Dillon & I! …the month of surgeries began & JACK IS BORN!

DECEMBER: Devon was accepted to dental school !!!

I worked Christmas, so the family & I mixed things up and still celebrated all together at the Carolina Inn in Chapel Hill, NC 🙂 It also happened to be a beautiful 60+ degree day outside! such a treat!!

& we’re kicking off New Years with the Avett Brothers!
2019 was an overall “shiny, glittery” year but the fun & accomplishments didn’t come without a lot of stress, drama & worry sprinkled in… Happy to leave behind how stressed I felt this year studying for the NCLEX, how nerve wracking it was to wait on surgery updates for Mom & Grammy, or the rush of emotions during my 1st RRT/Codes… It is amazing what we are all capable of! S/O to 2018, 2017 & 2016, I wouldn’t have made it here without them! 😉
Looking forward to all 2020 has in store. Happy New Year!

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