Happy Friday! Volume 1

2020- one of my goals is to actually make time for fun with myself, friends & family! What kind of goal is this you ask? The one of a recovering student & new nurse whose schedule is literally all over the place. I also plan to capture the “every day” week to week highlights with my new Happy Friday segment! It’s so easy to let the weeks fly by & forget the little casual moments that are usually my favorites to look back on! So cheers to 2020, let the fun begin!

Q-Shack: this is one of Dillon & I’s most FAVORITE restaurants in Durham!! The BBQ is delicious!!! I always order- BBQ Sandwhich Plate. One of our New Years resolutions is to eat out less, so since we made a special trip for it, the food tasted even better! 5 Stars!!

DRIVE SHACK- One of the new spots in Raleigh, we’ve been wanting to go for so long & it was SO FUN! I realized how much more I have to learn when it comes to golf, but it was exciting to take on the new challenge!

APP STATE vs. NC STATE- this week our Alma Mater came to Raleigh! Dillon & I headed to the game to cheer on our team. Unfortunately, we didn’t come out with a W, but it was still a fun time to see our team.

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