Cheers to 2020!

Dear 2020,
Nice to meet you! It might not be the most glamorous life, but I know this year will include lots of hard work, saving money & hopefully we will reap the benefits soon! 2019 was a great year! {Recap post here} even with much of it consumed by graduating nursing school, getting liscensed & understanding this whole working life balance situation.

At the beginning of nursing school one of our assignments was to create a Wellness Wheel to showcase our 8 dimensions of wellness, mine is pictured below. The 8 dimensions of wellness include:

  • Emotional- coping with life effectively & nurturing satisfying relationships
  • Financial- feeling content with current + future financial situations
  • Social- developing connections & a sense of belonging with others
  • Spiritual- discovering a sense of purpose & meaning in life
  • Occupational- having personal satisfaction + enrichment from work
  • Physical- understanding the value of physical activity, nutrition & sleep
  • Intellectual- finding different ways to expand ones knowledge + skills
  • Environmental- maintaining good health in pleasant, stimulating environments that are supportive of your well being

Because I’m extra, I find it really helpful to sort out my plans, ideas, or even shopping lists this way! Mappings things out by category helps me feel more organized and balanced without ignoring any important area of my life. For 2020, my Wellness Wheel focus includes:

  • Emotional: less stress!! & actually plan our official wedding
  • Financial: increase my $aving$
  • Social: to make more plans ahead of time with friends + bring back the blog!
  • Spiritual: find a new bible study
  • Physical: more exercise! at least 3x/week & to cook more at home
  • Intellectual: keep learning more & more every day at work
  • Environmental: more travel & working towards our own home!

One of my favorite tricks to keeping up with everything is writing it all down– planners, calendars ~you name it! I love this full year sized dry erase calendar we use to plan & keep track of the years activities. You can find it on Amazon {here} Dillon & I add everything we can think of to it and when the entire year calendar is staring back at me it gives me great perspective to make things happen!

My Dad always says- “The days are long, but the years are short” SO TRUE!
I wish you all a balanced and fulfilling year ahead, to 2020!
Best of luck persuing any of your own wellness goals!

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