Happy Friday! Volume 3

Dillon and I went to Cary for the Chinese Lantern Festival! It was an absolutely beautiful 70 degree Saturday in January, so we made sure to take advantage of it! We weren’t the only ones with this idea, so it was super crowded but we were still able to enjoy walking through the park + viewing the beautiful displays!

Sunday, was Dad’s birthday!! We celebrated all in the same place with our favorite things- Asahi & Baskin Robbins ice cream cake!! PERFECTION!

We also made it out the gun range this weekend, my first time ever shooting a handgun! At first the thought of it made me very nervous, but after a quick training session and lots of practice, it was really fun + informative. I love learning new things & it was exciting to see everyone’s improvement throughout the day.

Plus I got to visit Abby & play with my 2 favorite boys!! My heart!

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