January Book of the Month- EVERYBODY ALWAYS

Title: Everybody Always Becoming Love in a Word Full of Setbacks and Difficult People
Author: Bob Goff
Genre: Religion/Spirituality

Book Jacket Summary:
What happens when we give away love like we’re made of it?
In his entertaining and inspiring follow-up to the New York Times bestselling phenomenon Love Does, Bob Goff takes readers on a journey into the secret of living without fear, constraint, or worry. The path toward the liberated existence we all long for is found in a truth as simple to say as it is hard to do: love people, even the difficult ones, without distinction and without limits. Driven by Bob’s trademark storytelling, Everybody, Always reveals the lessons Bob learned–often the hard way–about what it means to love without inhibition, insecurity, or restriction. From finding the right friends to discovering the upside of failure, Everybody, Always points the way to embodying love by doing the unexpected, the intimidating, the seemingly impossible. Whether losing his shoes while skydiving solo or befriending a Ugandan witch doctor, Bob steps into life with a no-limits embrace of others that is as infectious as it is extraordinarily ordinary. Everybody, Always reveals how we can do the same.

Why I Chose This Book:
I had actually never heard of “Bob Goff” or the previous book! But this title caught my eye and I found it to be inspiring! My goal is to not lose joy + love + all things positive to the somewhat mundane, difficult & stressful everyday life. I’m realizing how easy it is to get bogged down by “adult life” we have to fight for our happiness!

My Review:
I enjoyed the fresh perspective, positivity & encouragement by the author. I thought he was exciting and offered good insight/easy reminders to not be afraid, reach out and get to know others- anybody, and to see how you can cultivate beautiful relationships no matter what! *I really appreciate that reinforcement. However, there were a few anecdotes that made me feel a little cynical… some of his examples for serving others were amazing but I can only imagine ridiculou$ly expen$ive! The fun stuff usually is… But, my true take away from this read is to be open minded, creative, unafraid & bold with your one and only life! If you need a fresh perspective/life inspo, give this book a read! I was interested & intrigued until the very end!

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