Happy Friday! Volume 5

This past week, I have worked 4/5 days, two were days & two were nights… It can be really hard to switch back and forth but this next schedule I will only be working day shift for the next 2 months… so we will see how that goes! My socks say it all! I couldn’t have survived the past few days without them, compression socks are the only way! Thanks FIGS {link here}

I am also a tutor for the nursing school, so in between shifts I have had a few late nights at the nursing school helping to prepare for exams. It can be tiring to do both, but I really love tutoring and being back at the nursing school, when I’m there I feel safe & happy! #AlumniFeels My students also help keep me up to date, I don’t always discuss hormones or intracellular communication, so I love getting to study!

Sometimes weeks can fly by, leaving me feeling hectic, drained, or rushed… when you’re working a lot it can be really hard to make time for yourself! I found this list on www. healthyhappyimpactful.com & wanted to share, hoping to incorporate some of these fun ideas in the coming weeks!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy week ahead! ๐Ÿ™‚

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