Happy Friday! Volume 7

Happy Friday & Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Despite my new broken foot, it has been a good week around here, now that I have to slow down a little bit, I look forward to seeing what this new change brings…

Flower Delivery!

Thanks Mom & Devon for helping to cheer me up, fresh + bright flowers usually do the trick! ๐Ÿ™‚

Tim & Eric Comedy Show

Dillon and I went to The Carolina Theater for a midweek comedy show! You may be thinking who is Tim & Eric, but you’ve seen them before?! Eric played Aziz’s best friend in Master of None & Tim played the husband in Bridesmaids… so they’re around! They’ve probably done a million other comedy shows & projects one being the Tim & Eric show, they’re humor is a little out there, but I enjoy laughing & seeing people dive into their passions. Somehow Dillon scored us a VIP Meet & Greet, so we also enjoyed a preshow Q&A + autographed merch!

Visit with Grandma

I traveled home for the afternoon with Grandma! We went grocery shopping, had lunch & had a long catch up chat ~all of the usuals! Love my Grandma!!

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