Happy Friday! Volume 9

Boone, NC

Dillon & I are proud Appalachian Alumni! & major App State Basketball fans! This year we celebrate 100 years of App basketball and Saturday there was a huge anniversary celebration at the game, so we made a big day of it! Together we soaked in our favorite spots on campus and made it to 2 of our favorite restaurants- Foggy Rock + Come Back Shack! ~Delicious! Boone is currently about 6hrs away from us (round trip) so we were a little hesitant to go, but once we were there we were so happy to make the trip, even just for the day, so worth it!!

Reagan is back!

My dear friend Elizabeth (pictured below) is traveling across the globe! So that means we have a guest of honor again- Reagan! ๐Ÿ˜‰ It is fun to have a puppy to play with every now and then!

VAD Training

This week I completed the VAD Heart Ware class at work, so now I am 100% certified to work with all VAD devices. It’s amazing how many technology choices we have to power these hearts!

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