Happy Friday, the 13th!

Hello everyone! As the many unknowns of Corona Virus are currently looming… we’re over here just trying to stay positive & plan ahead… on the brighter side of things a few of the highlights this week include:


My most favorite smoothies of all time are anything from Juice Shop in Greensboro! I have yet to find a favorite RDU spot, but this week I tried out Smoothie King and was pleasantly surprised! I tried the Immune Builder a mix of: bananas, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pear juice, apple juice, blueberry juice, immune support enhancer & almond milk! Delish!


I am very happy to welcome warm weather back into our lives! The past week has been sunshine and 68+ degrees, so amazing! I really enjoy walking around the trail across from the street from our house on days like these.


So pleased that my foot is feeling back to normal, Xray looks good and I can now leave the boot behind! I am happy to get back to my normal routine and I am very thankful to move around as I please! 5 weeks is a long time.

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