Happy Friday! Volume 17

Hello, all! Happy Friday! As always, wishing you all health & safety during these trying times. I have never experienced anything like this before, none of us have! & it is so sad to see the major detrimental impacts of COVID-19. Over my way, we are continuing to social distance & increase infection control measures… I have never cleaned my groceries before storage, until now! Otherwise, I am hanging out at home & heading into work per usual. Highlights of the week include:

My 1st Quarantine Birthday

I was happy to still celebrate with my immediate family & sneak away to our private space by the water, SO thankful! I’m keeping my birthday balloons up for a little while longer, to enjoy the extra cheer!

The Last Dance Premiere!

TOO excited for this one! I love sports so much, especially basketball! Dillon & I had the DVR set and ready to go, Love MJ!! LEGEND! The first 2 episodes kicked things off strong and I’m sure the rest will be even better! A must watch!! image via

Introducing, Ear Protectors

During COVID-19, we are required to wear 1 mask upon entry to the hospital and for the entirety of the shift. I didn’t expect for the masks to be so troublesome but it is not ideal to wear one all day… they are very hot, itchy & takes a toll on your ears. Obviously, we will do whatever it takes to keep others safe… but it’s still uncomfortable. That’s where, the ear protectors come in! A former patient donated these pink hooks to our unit, they created them at home with their 3D printer! So generous & kind! We apply our masks as usual then attach the pink hooks to the straps to relieve our ears! THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION!

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