My 29th birthday! So weird this is my last birthday in my twenties?!

I was all settled in COVID style with my favorite Figs pajama set, eye mask & snacks… but when it turned out to be a nice day without any rain we last minute jumped in the car & headed to the lake for the day!!

We got out on the water & enjoyed a beautiful day with my immediate family ๐Ÿ™‚ I was thrilled to get outside with my favorite people & favorite foods!

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I was also surrounded by fun balloons all day, so that brightened the quarantine mood, such a fun surprise to wake up to!

At our house no birthday is complete without a Baskin Robbins icecream cake & Asahi Japanese steakhouse for dinner!

Typically, we go out to eat full hibachi style but due to COVID, take out it is! So happy Asahi is offering takeout, it was still delicious as ever & even offered at a discount during these times!!

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I don’t really have any wise words to share at 29… and with COVID it seems like most plans are out at the moment… my goal for 29 is to be who I’ve wanted to be my entire 20’s! We’ll see how this year goes, let’s make it happen!

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