Happy Friday! Volume 16

Hello all, wishing you well! COVID-19 & Quarantine life continues… fortunately we are staying safe, working, and doing our best to find silver linings where we can get them! So here we are, Happy Friday it is!

-Ice cream date with Devon!

An early birthday treat with my sister was a fun night out, her treat?!
Bruester’s is now offering quick pick up & delivery!

-Healthcare Appreciation!

They added new banners at work & they’re encouraging to see as we go in. Other anonymous donors have been so generous!! Ruth’s Chris for lunch one day was amazing + all of the Easter goodies! Your generosity does not go unnoticed, THANK YOU!

-A New Nighttime Stretching Routine

Devon and I have been working to stretch before bed every night. Shout out to Paleo Hacks {link here} for this total body sequence, I can already see an improvement in my flexibility & feel much better, after only a week of practicing! We have really enjoyed adding this to our nighttime routine, it’s amazing how small + simple steps can make such a difference!

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