April Simple Pleasures

April 2020 was such a unique and strange month. April was the first full & complete month of Quarantine. Our NC “new normal” has been so weird. Everything is closed other than restaurants (To Go only) & essential services (grocery store, pharmacy, home improvement, healthcare). Things that are definite No-Go’s include: movies, shopping centers, traveling, salons, public parks… basically anything that qualifies as leisure & extracurricular activity. Dillon & my Mom have been working entirely from home since March, Devon’s office is closed & I have continued to work (however, with a low census on call status + floating have increased). Random things that have helped make things fun or feel “normal” include the following:

-Happy Mail & leaving the house to pick up food / drive thru

I have definitely decreased my runs outside of the house, but at least once a week I have really enjoyed my Sweet Tea!! & relaxing with new magazines is a major welcome treat!

-Extra Time Outside

We have been hiking outside as much as we can & luckily the weather has cooperated! On our strolls around the lake, highlights include counting turtles & baby geese. they’re so cute & hiding everywhere!

-Online $hopping

Local stores have been very accommodating & accessible online! Without going too crazy, it has actually been really fun to get a package every now & then πŸ˜‰ My online shopping experience with Fleet Feet was flawless, thank you!!

-Our Puzzle is Complete!

Ta-da! It has been really nice to have stocked up on extra activities during this time, it has definitely helped to keep from going too stir crazy!

LOL that typical things from before that used to feel like no big deal at all, now feel like somewhat of a privilege or special treat! ~What have you all been doing to stay calm or distracted? Any new hobbies or ideas?! Let me know!

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