Happy Friday! Volume 18

No news, is good news? Not much has changed over here, staying safe is priority 1… so quarantine life it is! Let’s jump right into it!

-Small Business Support

Small businesses are a group definitely being negatively impacted by COVID-19 circumstances… Dillon’s favorite triangle area hairdresser is Arrow [link here] who is currently closed due to COVID. They have began selling t-shirts to help support their stylists during this time & the package came with a sticker & the nicest note expressing their appreciation! Dillon can’t wait until Arrow reopens, lol he is beginning to look like this shirt!

-Mask Headbands

At work we are continuing to think of new ways to make things easier/better. The most recent upgrade is our mask headbands! This little trick has actually helped SO MUCH. I’m so amazed by the donations from the community, so generous! -Also shot out to tele ties hair bands! They are my favorite for long shifts, easy to clean & great at holding my hair up all day!

-A Day with Reagan

Reagan came for a visit this week! You can always count on puppy snuggles & play to boost morale 🙂

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