Happy Friday! Volume 22

Another week has come & gone, it’s amazing how fast the time goes by!
The top 3 of the week include:

1. New Running Shoes

Brooks running shoes are officially my favorite! I have tried a few brands out, but Brooks have outlasted the rest, it’s amazing how comfortable & functional they are. Running outside is tough, but Brooks make the ride a lot more fun, I’m also loving their #RunHappy campaign, so fun! I purchased the new Ghost 12 from Fleet Feet in Durham, NC {link here} & it was a wonderful COVID shopping experience, they made purchasing/returns/exchange so easy & their store was so clean & organized with the new regulations, I will definitely be a return customer!

2. Work, work, work!

Back to days this week, but it still takes a bit for me to shake off a night shift stretch… work has been so busy & constantly changing, but honestly, it pretty much always is! I’ve been accessorizing with the help of Rad Girl Creations {link here} She has such a great collection & after browsing on instagram for awhile, I couldn’t help but load up on CT stuff, this pin is the perfect sum up of my unit!

3. Guacamole!

Introducing Devon’s official guacamole recipe! She has been whipping this up a lot lately & I am obsessed… SO GOOD! Here’s the recipe:

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