Happy Friday! Volume 24

1. Moment to Movement Walk

This week I participated in Duke Health’s walk of solidarity “Moment to Movement” you can read the {full recap here} but overall it was a great experience to stand up for diversity and against racism. It is crazy we are still suffering from these issues in 2020, but I was thankful to have the opportunity to participate and proud of our organization for addressing these issues & standing up for positive change.

2. Raising COVID Awareness in Durham, NC

Public Health Alert! Please wear your mask over your mouth & nose while out in public, wash your hands and social distance at least 6 feet apart. This week Duke Health distributed masks and COVID safety information to the public, they were located at many areas including public transportation sites. I love seeing public health in action and I encourage other areas to do the same to keep their town safe. We must work together to beat COVID!

Images provided by Duke Health Facebook Page {link here}

3. Working Nights & Days

Some weeks are just all about work aren’t they?! lol I found myself at the hospital 6/7 days this week. I worked 2 night shifts and 3 day shifts… phew! this is my 2am face -yikes! Flipping your sleep schedule around can be difficult, but I’m glad to have options & variability, keeps things interesting for sure!

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