June 2020- it is no secret that there is civil unrest due to racial injustice all across America, the tragic & senseless deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd are the most recent, reigniting the fight for justice. We have been glued to the TVs watching the protests unfold & even in Raleigh, NC things have been turned upside down to advocate for the victims.

My site is a personal blog, not intended to be another news outlet, but these issues are personal to me and it would seem remiss not to address the current events in our local community & country. I’ve thought of many different ways to write this post and I still do not have the perfect words….

I acknowledge my privilege as a white woman growing up in North Carolina & I realize that I will never be able to fathom what it feels like to be African American… I can only speak from my individual experiences…

If there was ever a time when words alone are not sufficient, that would definitely be now. There must be positive changes made to end racism. While this is a very challenging and multi dimensional issue to tackle, I have so much hope.

My experiences in healthcare have opened my eyes & heart to so many different people. I began my career in healthcare in 2014 and it has given me the opportunities to interact with so many others on the deepest level both nationwide and globally. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with so many incredible professionals and with so many amazing & fascinating patients, both have worked together to further expand my world views and through nursing I have gained an even greater understanding & appreciation of others. Nothing is perfect, but within the walls of the hospital I am privy to so much good, every day I see people stretching their limits and working together, leaving their bias at the door and focusing on what matters most- quality human life.

It saddens me to realize, not everyone has the same opportunities to see & grow together as we have in healthcare… some have gotten stuck in their old ways or are completely uninformed, regardless this is unacceptable. My goal is to be a force of change and use my skills to act as a bridge for many communities; and to do this I still have so much to learn. Over the past month there have been many important, sometimes uncomfortable conversations, we are donating to organizations, and praying for the nation to move the needle in closing the racial gaps. The hospital hosted a Walk of Solidarity- “Moment to Movement” this week and tons of people gathered to walk and listen to the speakers, our diversity is what makes us great so it was awesome to see this acknowledged and celebrated.

As a healthcare professional it is my responsibility not to shy away from difficult topics and model anti-racist behaviors. I am committed to continuously working to learn and grow both personally and professionally.

Black Lives Matter.

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