Happy Friday! Volume 26

This week I got in lots of time by the water celebrating my 2 favorite men!


We started off the week as a family at the lake! Lots of swimming, boating, good food & fun in the sun! So glad we got this time together to relax, WE LOVE YOU DAD!

2. OIB Getaway!

The second half of the week was spent by the ocean! We were a little leary of how the beach was handling COVID-19, but fortunately it wasn’t terribly crowded & it was easy to socially distance at the coast. We did get a few strange looks while wearing our masks shopping & eating, but we’re not playing around- MASKS ON!


6/23 is Dillon’s Day! We were so happy to celebrate at the beach… so many naps, good food & quality time outside. I love when we both get to take advantage of PTO together! Birthdays are the best & Dillon always makes them so fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Summer!

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