Happy Friday! Volume 37

September 11th is always such a somber day, loving my crew a little extra harder today
& making sure to soak up all the little things… regardless of how crazy the week gets!

1. Celebrating Grammy’s Birthday!

Thank you to Triad Yard Cards for your help with celebrating COVID style! {link here} This was my 1st yard card order and they were so amazing, helpful & accommodating to work with! The signage was huge & such a fun surprise!

2. Tried out THE Revlon Styling brush!

I have seen this product circulating the internet for so long! So, I couldn’t resist when I spotted it on my last Target run! I don’t dry my hair too much, but I’m looking forward to trying it out more & more, especially for special occasions!

3. Edible Cookie Dough!

Guilty! cookie dough is one of my favorite snacks!! Pillsbury launched their official cookie dough that is actually SAFE to eat whether it is baked or not?! Dream come true! I of course had to taste test & I can assure you it is delicious either way! These cookies are large when you bake them up- think Subway cookie size. Yum! Happy to have a safe raw cookie dough option ๐Ÿ™‚

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