My Lakeside Summer Essentials

Summers by the lake with my family + friends are my favorite!! Besides the obvious necessities- water, boats, skis, tubes, gasoline, boating license…. there are plenty of other “essentials” or gadgets that make a day at the lake that much more fun & easy! ….something to consider for your next lake vacation or as a gift for a fellow lake lover ๐Ÿ™‚

A few of my favorites for a day at the lake include:

COOLER- our reliable YETI [link] always keeps things freezing! but we also enjoy using the Big Bobber Cooler [link]– it floats in the water while holding ice + beverages

BIKINI BAG– the perfect bag for wet belongings after a long day [link]

S’MORE KIT– everything you need for the best s’mores in 1 place! thanks to this Hershey caddy [link]

RETRACTABLE S’MORE STICKS– reusable stainless steel sticks, no more looking around for something to use, you’re good to go! [link]

TOWEL CLIPS– the best solution for long afternoons by the water, no more towels sliding all over while lounging [link]

LAKE GIRL MERCHANDISE– I love my hat and sweats, so cozy! [link]

FLOATING KEY CHAINS-a big squishy keychain is way more fun than keys at the bottom of the lake, I can assure you [link]

FLOATING PHONE LANYARDS– the perfect accessory for a jetski ride! [link]

PLASTIC BIRKENSTOCKS– after years of ruining my birks with water, I am so happy there are now water friendly options! comfort + function ๐Ÿ™‚ [link]

FLOAFERS– another water friendly option… I got these for Dad & they have been a hit! [link]

ENSO RINGS– water & action proof jewelry! the fun of acessories, without the stress of losing anything [link]

BLUE LIZARD SUNSCREEN– this was a new sunscreen for us this year & we liked it a lot! Rubbed in smooth and great for sensitive skin [link]

PERSONALIZED BEACH TOWELS– personalized towels definitely help to keep everyone’s things sorted [link]

TELE TIES– these are my favorite scrunchies lately! They are waterproof and hold your hair up so well [link]

SUNBATHING CHAIR WITH FACE & ARM HOLES– a chair that allows you to sunbath and continue reading on your stomach! success! [link]

PLASTIC DISPOSABLE SUN GLASSES– when we go to the lake, I try to keep a bunch of cheap sunglasses on hand, so we can swim & hang out on the boat without worrying about bent Raybans, so much easier! [link]

GAS SIPHON– This simple piece of equipment makes filling the boats so much easier, one end into the gas can & the other into the tank, and you have worry free filling! [link]

FLOATING KOOZIES– a fun trinket for chilling in the water [link]

ENTERTAINMENT WEAR– it’s always a good plan to be ready for company! think party plates, cups & napkins, or some fun dinnerware to hold snacks. Swoozies has the best selection in general, but they also have lots of lake themed options! [link]

LADY FINGER GLOVES– I love my lady finger gloves for any board activity, makes for holding the rope so much easier & 0 blisters! [link]

READING MATERIALS– I do my best reading by the water! Any kind of book or magazine, the more the merrier!

YARD GAMES– our favorites include- ladder golf, cornhole, yard darts, horse shoes, badminton, large jenga, croquet

WATER BOTTLE– I’ve had lots of water bottles, but lately my absolute favorite is the Yeti Rambler with the Chug cap option [link]

REUSABLE BEESWAX WRAP– an environmentally friendly way to substitute plastic wrap, plus it works so much better! The beeswax seals around your dish very well & is weighted enough that you don’t ever hav to worry about it blowing over or away! [link]

LAKE STICKERS– a fun way to personalize your lake gear! water bottles, coolers, trailers, backpacks…

Sad to see another summer lake season come to a close,
I already can’t wait to be back out there!!

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