Happy Friday! Volume 39

1. Fall Candles

Fall is in the air! I am obsessed with the Glade Pumpkin Spice Things Up candle, it smells SO GOOD all the time, even if it’s not burning! Somehow it smells so delicious and fragrant but not too much… I bought one last year and we used every drop. I’m extra stocking up this year! We’re also alternating with apple cinnamon candles… but nothing beats the Glade 3 wick Pumpkin!

2. Getting Organized

I thought I was done with lots of learning materials, notes and books once I was done with nursing school, but I was totally wrong! My stack of work papers has continued to grow throughout the past year, so I headed to Office Depot for an expandable file. I’m so happy to have everything organized & contained now!

3. Football is back!

Football is back on! So Dillon is a happy camper 🙂 We’ve drafted our Fantasy Football teams and cleared our Sunday schedules… here is a throwback of some Super Bowl snacks my friend Jessica & I made in college! Chocolate dipped cake balls -delish!

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