Happy Friday! Volume 40

1. Masks on Masks on Masks!

What is weirder? How many masks I have or the fact that this mannequin head is in our living room?! You decide! but fyi- my sister purchased this mannequin a while back so she could practice her hair braiding skills LOL! With COVID & mask life still going strong into October, it has been interesting to see how my mask collection has grown! Who would’ve thought?!

So far my favorite reusable masks have come from: Old Navy, Target & Palmetto Moon. I like to match my mask with my outfit if possible & it’s nice to have back ups + extras when some are in the wash, etc… I’ve got a mask for the- car, purse, Dillon’s car, coat pocket… you name it! I wonder if/when this style will change?

2. Eye Care

This week I headed to one of my favorite places… the eye doctor! My annual exam + contact fitting were way overdue plus I need help with dry eyes. My new plan involves Daily Total lenses which my optometrist described as the BMW of contact lenses -excited to try! and oil based eye drops, which are supposed to lubricate the eyes for longer periods of time. I’ll let you know how it goes!

3. Hello October!

Absolutely loving the October season! It has been so sunny, warm & beautiful fall [except for at 6am when I’m driving to work] but my off days have been so wonderful! I put up a few decorations around the house to celebrate! Not really sure yet what Halloween will include for us this year, but we are ready either way! 🙂

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