Happy Friday! Volume 42

1. Angels Among Us 5K

The Angels Among Us 5K is a fundraiser for Duke brain cancer research. It had originally been scheduled for April 2020, but after multiple COVID reschedules the event transitioned to a virtual 5K in October, better late than never! Dillon and I are proud members of Team Pink Penguins in support of our friend Alexis and were still able to enjoy the race from home! Oct 10th turned out to be the perfect day to run! 🙂

2. My sister packed my lunch

Can you believe it?! I ate lunch with a fork on a work day & Devon packed it for me?! Definitely worth documenting… I enjoyed a rosemary pork roast & fried green tomatoes, delish!

3. Hair Finishing Sticks

I was officially influenced by Lola of What Lola Likes & ordered these Flash Moment sticks off Amazon right away! [link here] I have the worst baby hairs of all time around my face, especially at my cow licks on the L side. I was so pleased to find these finishing sticks to hide the lose hairs when I’m getting ready! The stick is basically a mascara brush and with a few quick swoops you’re all set to enjoy a nice smooth, slicked back look!

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