Happy Friday! Volume 48

1. Thanksgiving at the Hospital

This year my holiday at work was Thanksgiving Day. It can be a bummer to miss the “typical holiday” structure with family, but this year normal wasn’t an option anyways and my schedule was much better than last ear- when I worked Christmas Eve & Day- night. Holiday pay isn’t the worst thing ever either 😉 The hospital provided Thanksgiving dinner for everyone, I really like the pecan pie!

2. Our Thanksgiving Saturday

I met up with my family for Thanksgiving celebrations over the weekend. It was nice to spend time with Grandma, eat some delicious food and relax with family for the afternoon. You can make any day special gathering together, so we all made sure to stay super safe before/during/after to keep healthy!

3. Christmas Baking begins

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, Christmas cookie season can begin! Mom and I got together to make a test batch and we were really enjoying the snow theme, less food coloring involved and still delicious + cute results! This was Mom’s 1st go at the royal icing and she did a great job!

I can’t believe the holiday season is really here!

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