Happy Friday! Volume 49

1. Working Away!

I’ve been working a lot this week, lots of day shift, meetings, precepting, studying, classes. Keeping busy for sure! Also trying to get into the holiday spirit… it’s so weird there aren’t any holiday parties or potlucks scheduled this year.

2. New Make Up

Realizing I need to vamp up my makeup and makeup routine… starting with skin & eye liner. I bought this First Aid Beauty 5 in 1- Face Cream and four different types of eyeliners! Trying to figure out what style & color I even like any more?! 2020- I’ve barely worn make up at all! So I’m having to retrain myself to apply! Please let me know if there is a perfect eye liner I’m missing out on currently!

3. Christmas Decorations are Up!

I got our Christmas decorations out pretty early for us, most everything was out the first week of December! Whatever we can do to bring this Christmas cheer, I am all for it!

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