Happy Friday! Volume 51

1. Day trip to Boone!

Boone is my favorite place, aka- why we are getting married there! My mom, sister & aunt traveled up to Boone to check out our venues and help plan layout designs and logistics, it was super helpful and probably should be done prior to 5 months out… but we’re getting there! We ended the day at one of my favorite restaurants- Foggy Rock! I’m already ready to go back.

2. Headed back to Planet Fitness

I realized if we’re really planning this wedding, I probably should get moving! It has been so freezing outside, so I’ve barely been doing any cardio… I went out to Planet Fitness for the first time since COVID and I was pleased with the precautions & set up. It’s not ideal to run with a sweaty mask on but it’s not too different from my long days at the hospital, so I just put my excuses to the side and got out there! So worth it!

3. Sunday afternoon at Drive Shack

I’ve been going crazy spending so much time at the house. Dillon and I went out and just did something for fun together for the day. Drive Shack was such a nice change of pace, it was a chilly but really refreshing afternoon outside. I wish I was better at golf, but it’s still a fun challenge each time ๐Ÿ™‚

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